Brazzers – I'm Trying To Sell A House! – Katana Kombat

Lexi Lore has been sent to a detention home for giving her stepdad a blowjob. Sovereign Sire is in charge of Lexi's intake, but Lexi is super bitchy to her. Sovereign sends Lexi to her room to get changed into something more decent as Will Pounder, another admin, comes out of the kitchen to find out what was going on. Instead of changing, Lexi climbs into bed to start masturbating. Meanwhile, Sovereign lets Will know that Lexi is there for having sex with older men, most recently her stepfather. When Will comes in to check on Lexi, she says he reminds her of her stepfather. She asks to suck his dick, and though Will is concerned he'll get into trouble he's definitely interested. It takes a little bit of effort on Lexi's part, but she eventually gets Will's cock out and into her mouth.

A week later, Will and Sovereign are going over a review of Lexi's first week with her. As soon as Sovereign's attention is on reviewing the papers, Lexi takes the opportunity to act. She flashes Will her boobs now that she knows the sight of that will get him nice and hard. Then she frees his dick so she can give him a handie. She waits until the last possible second to disengage, coming dangerously close to getting them both caught. That's enough for Will, who waits a while before confronting Lexi in her room to tell her to cut it out before they both get caught.

Instead of backing down, Lexi takes the opportunity to complete her seduction of the admin. Rolling onto her back, she presents her pussy and insists that he lick it. When Will is done feasting on that bare twat, he sticks it in to finally feel Lexi's tight twat. Lexi lets Will have his way with her, then climbs aboard his hardon to ride him. She finishes herself off with a doggy style romp that leaves her mewling her pleasure. A moment later, Will pulls out and cums all over Lexi's ass as she teases his dick with her butt. He ends their romp by telling Lexi they can't do this again because he can't lose his job.

Actors: Katana Kombat