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XXXPawn – Boom Goes The Bass – Stevie Sixx

What’s up fuckers?!? Its that time again, time for another episode of the Pawnshop! So this week a cute little blond walked in trying to pawn off her deadbeat boyfriend’s subwoofer speaker. She needed the money to go and have a wild girls night out and escape from all the bullshit she has to normally deal with and of course, since her boyfriend is a deadbeat He didn’t have money to help her out so she had to sell off one of his old speakers. I saw this as an opportunity to capitalize on a not so happy girlfriend. they’re usually the easiest to catch slippin and have a one night stand with. I pretended to give a shit about how he doesn’t help with the bills and how lazy he is. I told her if she really needed to enjoy herself that much I would gladly give her some money in exchange for a little something-something if you know what I mean. She was a little hesitant at first but once she caught an eye full of my dick, this girls was on her knees begging to suck my cock. I tell you what bitches love the dick. there is no if and or but about that! enjoy the video.

Actors: Stevie Sixx