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XXXPawn – College Girl Trades in the Goods – Karlee Grey

What’s up fuckers? Lawless here with another desperate cutie in need of some hard cold cash. Carley walked into my shop trying to sell an old book her grandparents had given her as a High school graduation gift. She’s in her second year of college now and she needs to come up with some cash for her textbooks. HA how ironic this bitch comes in trying to sell a book so that she can buy more books. Anyway, she thought it was the first edition and she was asking for $800 BUT as we all know by now, I don’t mind dishing out that kind of money but it ain’t going to be for no book! I wanted to see some titties!! So I offered her some cash for a quick striptease. initially, I wanted her to give me a nice lap dance but she started catching attitude, saying horrible things like I was being “rude” and that I was a “creep” HA! Well, this creep has the money you need for your edumication, Bitch! she left all angry and offended that I would even dare ask her such things. Carley is forgetting that this is a pawn shop and exploiting desperate situations is what I do and I’m damn good at it! Needless to say, she came back two days later with a much more humble approach. I knew then that I had this kittie in the bag. Let me tell you this cutie is by far the best fuck I’ve encountered in my lustrous career as a pawnshop entrepreneur….What? are you still reading this shit? GO WATCH THE DAMN VIDEO! …GO!

Actors: Karlee Grey