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XXXPawn – Games For a Pearl Necklace – Krystle Jayes

What’s up fuckers? So this week a cute little blond walked into the pawnshop to get rid of her soon to be ex-boyfriend’s Xbox one. She came in complaining that ever since she bought him this game console he has been giving it more time than her. i was flabbergasted! i mean to be honest and not to put down any of y’all gamers, but if you have a smoking hot girlfriend stick your dick in here from time to time, That game console isn’t going to suck your dick when your get horny! anyway so she wanted to straight up get rid of the xbox and pick up a little something for herself, at first she had her eyes on this pearl necklace i had on display but of course, i want to give her a different kind of pearl necklace if you know what i mean. I convinced her to come to the back office to check out the price difference from what she would get with the xbox and the pearl necklace, needless to say once I had her in the back office she was all mine! The best game you can ever play is the game of fucking and I’m fixing to prestige in that sumbitch right now!

Actors: Krystle Jayes