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XXXPawn – Ivy Tries to Pawn a Famous Daredevil’s Helmet – Ivy Rose

I can’t believe it., someone brought an item into the XXX PAWN SHOP worth paying full price for. So this fine looking business type woman walks in carrying a motorcycle helmet. I took a look at it offered her a quick 50 bucks so that she can go on her merry way. Then she showed me that it was signed by a famous motorcycle daredevil, and I swear my pecker got hard before she could say his full name. I need this in my XXX PAWN SHOP. Unfortunately, she didn’t have any proof that it was a real signature..and she was DESPERATE for money. I don’t like taking risks that big so I told her I couldn’t buy it. She practically begged for me to buy it. Slide caught the fly. So I dropped her a smooth line, “Desperate times call for Desperate measures” and then had her flash me her BIG FAT JUICY TITS. It was on. Took her upstairs and after some negotiating, we started fucking. I love to see a professional woman slob on the hog. Did I mention she’s trying to be a lawyer? She got banged a little bit harder just for that.

Actors: Ivy Rose