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XXXPawn – Muscular Chick Spread Eagles For Cash – Veronica Allyn

I’m sure that you can tell that I work out. I like the gym. Mostly because it’s filled with hot chicks like the one I have for you today. She said she was a personal trainer, and I believe her. She had a tight, firm, muscular build. She was trying to sell some kind of exercise equipment. I got her to show me some routines on the apparatus. Really, I just wanted to check out her body, especially dat ass. She didn’t have the instructions for the thing, so I told her that I would buy the piece of crap if she would host an impromptu instructional video. Of course, Billy was getting too close with the camera and making inappropriate comments, but she was giggling it off, so I took it further. I offered her more cash to do the video in the nude. That’s when things got real sexy hot, and Billy got even creepier. Ya can’t blame Billy for being Billy, but I did send him out of the shop. I did kinda want to get this cute fitness lady alone anyways. By the time she was done with her naked workout, my dick was extra hard, and there was no point in trying to hide it. She accepted a monetary offer to suck my cock, but I’m sure she would have done it for free. I wonder if all gym rats can give a blow job as good as her. I fucked the shit out of her tight pussy. I think all of that training turned this girl into a fuck machine. You’re not gonna believe the size of the facial I blasted the vixen with. But, in true xxx pawn style, I had to rush her out. I don’t need no stays coming back if ya know what I mean. Enjoy.

Actors: Veronica Allyn