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XXXPawn – Swallows My Sword – Alexis Deen

I’m at it again everybody. This time around a beautiful young brunette walked into the XXX PAWN SHOP trying to pawn a Katana, for those of you who don’t know its one of them’ fancy Japanese swords. I’ve been a fan of KUNG RF movies since back in the day so I know a thing or two about these swords. So when she pulled out this cheap knock off, I knew I had her. I just had to see how desperate she was for CASH. LUCKILY FOR US, she was one desperate lady. After I had tested out the SWORD by chopping up a pair of watermelons, the real fun began. I took her to my office, did some negotiating and then I split her open like I did the watermelons, with my meat sword. Enjoy this XXX PAWN SHOP everyone, its a CLASSIC!!

Actors: Alexis Deen