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XXXPawn – Whips, Handcuffs And A Face Full Of Cum

What’s up fuckers? This week I have something a little kinky for all you sick fucks out there. An ex dominatrix walked into the shop trying to sell off her old “equipment” she had recently gotten engaged and wanted out of the business; so that her relationship wouldn’t suffer. Of course, I couldn’t give two shits about her relationship; for all I wanted was to tap that ass! dominate her for a change, know what I mean? She was a little odd and it turned me on, especially when she started pulling out all these weird sex toys. Now don’t get me wrong the best toy a woman can get is my penis in and around her mouth and pussy. but there’s was something about the whips and handcuffs that did it for me. Endless to say I convinced her to give me a “private session” to test out the quality of the products she was trying to sell me. I fucked her and I fucked her good! she was moaning and begging for my cock, I truly showed this Dom who’s really in charge! well, that’s all, for now, check out the episode, it’s defiantly worth a watch.